Let's Discuss This...

Mon, Dec 27, 2021 2-minute read

I’ve hosted a few blogs over the years, and all of them met the same demise. What started out as a grand plan to share useful articles ended up being a few posts here and there, and finally a cease to all writing in general. I feel like I love to write, but I didn’t seem to care for it after a bit and I was perplexed. Thankfully, the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on myself and growing which opened my eyes to the truth: I was burnt out.

I think the burnout was primarily due to me burning the candle at both ends, trying so hard to be valuable that I worked my full-time job and surrounded that time with extra time at the laptop working on other projects. While there is nothing wrong with this, I definitely was feeling the adverse effects of contributing for the wrong reasons. And I was also siloing my contributions to only software-related ventures, which made it difficult because my day job and my “fun” stuff was hard to separate. Long story short, I didn’t feel the desire to contribute to the same things anymore outside of my day job and I stopped.

Luckily, not only did I become aware of my burnout but I realized that this burnout was seasonal, and now is the time for that season to end. I have a new desire to write, and not just about software-related topics. So here I am, hoping to kickstart a new approach to writing much more as an outlet than it is to gain notariety.

A few years back I bought the thiswith.me domain, with hopes of starting fresh and writing more from the perspective of having a discussion about things. Sure, I will continue to write blog posts (more like articles) on software development things. But I would also like to share my opinions and thoughts on things that might be more difficult to do on Twitter or the likes.

To kickstart this new goal, gone is thoughtspark.org (it will redirect here) and now discuss.thiswith.me will be used to host this site. This site is built using Hugo and the theme being used is a slightly-modified version of the Anatole theme. Like thoughtspark.org, discuss.thiswith.me is hosted on GitHub.

Here’s to hoping that a fresh beginning ends up becoming a creative outlet for me, and hopefuly the stuff posted on this site ends up being useful for anyone visiting.