About Me

My name is Jeremy Whitlock and I struggle with describing myself. First and foremost, I am a Christian man and a father to two incredible boys. The way I provide for my kids is I am fortunate enough to work at Google, working on various parts of Google Cloud. I also have spent a great deal of time working on open source projects for well over 20 years, including earning a position on the OpenAPI Technical Steering Committee. I am a powerlifter, a Jeep owner and I am just trying to live the eff out of this life before I end up six foot under.

One of the things I’ve taken up over the last few years is I really love doing sports photography. When I was younger, the only time I saw myself playing sports was if I was lucky enough to be in the newspaper or in the yearbook at the end of the year. So when my boys started playing sports for their school, I started taking photos at the games and uploading them for the families/players to use free of charge. To say I’m a photographer is probably a stretch but I really do enjoy photography, especially sports photography.

I will do my best to keep this page up to date as I think of things. Honestly, this page is here just to avoid a 404.